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UK 'fake news' inquiry calls for end to tech middleman excuses, election law overhaul

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This isn't the spelling/grammar nazi outing.

I for one had zero problems reading or understanding Bob's points.

In future you might consider not clicking submit until your post contains something other than unrelated and incorrect sniping.

Personally I never found character case to make any difference to readability, perhaps because when I started programming CAPS was required for all programming language keywords. Whilst I understand that some people born after 198x insist that CAPS only ever indicates shouting, the convention outside of the internet is merely to add emphasis, with any emotion indicated explicitly as required.

As an aside, I have often noticed that comprehension failure and screams of "CAPS" are commonly found together, often alongside the insane belief that CAPS are somehow painful to read. These unfortunates will then bluster, at length, that this convention existed before and independantly of the "CAPSLOCK key should be removed from keyboards" rant that most sane people either laughed at or ignored completely.

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