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can you get updates only yet?

I'm still on my first Android phone which is a galaxy note 3 running Android 4.4 (I refuse to let it upgrade to 5), before that I was on webos. I have a note 4(android 5) as well(and another note 3 on android 5) which I'm typing this on (wifi only).

My Q is can you opt for JUST security updates in modern android. No feature upgrades. I see the July 2018 security bulletin still supports android 6, do the patches are there for older OSs. I haven't noticed a single headline feature addition to android since 5 came out (including 5) that looked interesting to me only annoying UI changes. The most frustrating of which other than the material design is the removal of the mute option from the pop up menu from pressing the power button which happened in android 5. I use this feature constantly, would be even better if there was a physical switch to mute like I had on webos, or the ability to mute the ring tone instantly by a quick tap of the power button.

I'm assuming not, but curious anyway.

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