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> eighty whole megabytes, that's room for almost eighty floppy disks!

Look at Mister I'm-So-Fancy-With-My-Megabyte-Floppy-Disks! I bet those were cutting edge 3.5" ones as well?

The drive I had for my Atari 800XL held 120KB per side of a 5.25" disk (for a total of 240KB if you were prepared to flip them). (#)

I'd have killed for a 20MB hard drive, let alone 80MB! (No, really I would have and they actually made one for the system. Unfortunately it cost £750, the equivalent of around £2000 today, which I didn't have when I was eleven years old....)

(#) And that was still hugely better than loading via the excruciatingly slow cassette drive...

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