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I remember my first hard disk experience.

A local emporium had acquired a bunch of 10mb MFM drives and I wanted one badly because swapping 5 1/4" floppies was such a pain.

I saved my pocket money and did odd jobs for months and months. Then, imagine my surprise when fitting it I discovered that my Amstrad 1640 didn't have a controller card and that would be another £450, or about four times the cost of the 'bargain price' hard disk drive itself...

I bawled my bloody eyes out!

Now we are wringing our hands about this development. I remember being told that 200mb was the theoretical maximum for IDE. They'll make this work if it is worth a gain of 1/3rd. They'll make it work well too. Eventually SSDs will be 'the right price' and spinning drives will disappear.

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