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>Sure, but the SSDs are such a metric assload faster, and so noticeably improved the response of my PC, I coughed up the extra dosh. The performance was worth the price.

Would you cough up the dosh to store all your photos and videos though? What if you were a commercial operation. Would you cough up 10x to store data that barely changes?

For the consumer it depends on how much physical space there is and how savvy they are. Few laptops have space for even one SSD let alone an SSD and an HDD (they use M.2). I have two of them, and neither have SSDs. Many people don't have desktops any more and will buy a NAS device to store things, or if they're daft, hand it over to Google, Apple etc.

For those of us who still use desktops (or NAS) HDDs are still the best way to go. My main desktop PC has two SSDs and two HDDs in. I probably didn't need the second SSD.

In the enterprise, ideally you want frequently accessed data somewhere quick and infrequently accessed data somewhere cheap and well-protected. The ability to sort data and place it properly keeps the industry going.

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