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The age of hard drives is over as Samsung cranks out consumer QLC SSDs

The Dogs Meevonks

Speaking as a person who uses a variety of 6-8 TB drives in my media server... and as I've said many times before.

Until consumers can buy a 4TB drive for the same price as a regular mechanical one... spinning rust will live on.

HDD prices have been kept artificially high for years, and the EU is supposed to be investigating this... but I've heard nothing for sometime on the matter.

I've been able to pick up my drives in sales for a lot less than they normall go for. An 8TB purple drive for £150 instead of well over £200 and 6TB drives for an average of £128 instead of around the £180 mark.

My media server currently has a 3TB & a 4TB drive and those I'll be replacing next... So I'll be needing more 6-8TB models and there's no way SSD will be at that capacity and price range for many, many years to come... If ever.

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