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Learning from me? Can it learn to shut off all the worthless shit I don't want or need? Can it learn I would like to UNINSTALL some (or many) of those apps, or barring that at least pretend they aren't there? Can it learn that if I have an app disabled *or* marked to not auto-update to not show it in my list of available updates? Can it learn that all apps are banned from repeatedly checking for updates every five minutes, like some OCD child, unless I have explicitly given them permission to do so? Can it learn that if I have decided some app has no business asking for particular permissions the OS should lie to the app and let it believe it does?

Can it learn that, if I need *root* access in order to do certain things, I should have that readily available without having to apply for a Papal Dispensation to unlock my device? Sure, I'd accept (and expect) elevated privileges should require a specific command to enable them; maybe we could come up with a silly-sounding command to enable the elevted level, a made-up word like "sudo" could work...

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