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And my friends wondered why I went back to paper maps... *Sigh

Not having paper maps for various areas I'd want to visit, I've had to rely on Google Maps or Mapquest. First rule of thumb with online mapping is to immediately add 25% to the estimated travel time in order to get something closer to *actual* travel time. The other problem, which I have yet to find a solution to, is to print READABLE driving directions. Directions printed in 10-point type like they do is hard enough to read when sitting at your desk. Absolutely impossible to read when you're driving. I have *REPEATEDLY* asked the dimwitted Googleheads to make a large-type option (we're talking 22-24 point type here) so they can be quickly and safely read while driving, but I think that's well beyond their programming ability. And because of the way they format their page, you can't simply paste into a word-processor to fix it.

So we expect these dimwits to make Android do what *WE* want? Yeah, not gonna happen.

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