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I wonder what fraction of workers actually have a choice of several comparable route options.

(I'm going to get downvoted a lot for this...) - not a lot, but some.. commute is Stratford (London) -> St Pauls/Blackfriars area

* Tube, central line to St Pauls, walk

* Tube, central line to Mile End, District to Blackfriars, walk

* Tube, jubilee to London Bridge, walk

* Tube, jubilee to West Ham, Hammersmith & City to Barbican, walk

* High speed to St Pancras, Thameslink to City Thameslink, walk

* Train to Liverpool St, walk

* Train to Liverpool St, Circle to Farringdon, walk

* Train to Liverpool St, bus

* DLR to Poplar, DLR to Bank, walk

* Walk

If there are no problems, you take the quickest route - but this is London, there are always problems (not least the lack of air on the central line), so a planner which actively reads delays and tells me which of the 7 ways between 25 and 55 minutes duration is the way home tonight. Sometimes you just try and get closer to the destination and see whats working in 20 minutes time...

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