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At Denarius... I switched to a paper based Thomas Brothers map for exactly your reasoning. Find the destination before I need to leave, plan a main & a backup route, write them both down on a 3x5 card, & use the card taped to the dash while driving. No stupid voices blathering on about alternate routes, faster paths, or more direct means of reaching my destination. (If I want to listen to The Voices then I'll start driving again now that I can do more damage!)

To add insult to injury, the satnav often tried to tell me that I could take the metro train from the station across the street from my house (true) to the station just a block away from my work building (false), except that the next train station in that direction was a good ~20 minute drive too far. And my friends wondered why I went back to paper maps... *Sigh*

As for getting back on topic, you must be new here. =-)p Hahahaha... Cheers!

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