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I'll second this even though I no longer drive. Back when I could still see to drive I used a satnav system to help plan routes to unfamiliar locations. One time for shits & giggles I asked it to plan my route to work. Work was a ~10 minute drive up a main thoroughfare, find a parking space, & ~2 minute walk through the building to my section. I was rather amused & disgusted when the satnav announced that I had a 30 minute drive via the freeway, estimated ~15 minutes to park in the parking garage (which my building didn't have), & a 5 minute time to walk into the building. It ignored the fact that my work was located on the same main street at the end of my block, was five stop lights away, & only had a smallish lot for the employees to park in. I decided to get rid of the stupid thing as an utter waste of electricity. =-/

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