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My Nan told me she made two awful mistakes in the late 20s / early 30s. She joined the peace movement and marched against re-armament - which she felt she was punished for as her house was the 16th to get destroyed in South London, they were hit in early September 1940, just as the Luftwaffe were strarting to do heavy damage to the RAF's airfields but Hitler switched them to terror bombing anyway.

The even worse decision though was that she signed The Pledge. Apparently a big campaign in the 20s, and she solemnly promised never to drink alcohol again. I think it wasn't until the 60s when she saw the error of her ways on that one though...

She'd just got a couple of pork chops with a bit of the kidney still on - and I think they might have been off ration. Naughty naughty. And she demanded the fire brigade tunnel into the unstable wreckage of her house to rescue them. When they sensibly refused, she apparently accused them of stealing them. I guess when you're in a tin shelter at the bottom of the garden, the concussion from the explosion probably doesn't help your mental state. Also it apparently knackered her brand new set of saucepans. That Hitler, what a bastard.

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