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>experience it yourself

Methink there is a massive difference between experiencing it as a foreigner, esp a Westerner, and as a local, specifically in the context of political freedom.

If you say the wrong thing, you’ll at worst be asked to leave and never granted a visa again.

Locals don’t “experience” it in the same way. Or, are you denying the existence of political-only prisoners in China?

Because all the rest really is bullshit - either a country has political prisoners or it doesn’t. That is orthogonal to other considerations like competence, excessive police force, excessive imprisonment of certain minorities. Not so much to corruption - political prisoners often end up there for decrying it.

True, the power to throw folk in jail does let you get away with a lot more too

Not only China - nice Thailand, which issues 20 yr sentences to middle aged women liking a FB post making fun of the royal dog is right up there.

So, your “all the same”? Calling BS.

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