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Looks excellent!

As a confirmed Windows 10 fan (having upgraded my trusty Dell Dimension recently from Vista so I can run the latest version of Flash and speed up my Yahoo! Mail), I think I'm a pretty good judge of quality. And this looks seriously great. I've listened to the YouTube reviews, and honestly, some people don't half moan: crashes, stiff buttons, paper logos, ethical packaging, scratches, hand painted buttons, sharp edges blah... blah!. Stop whining, this is a hand-built creation, and get on with playing the 1000s of fully licensed games this little marvel comes crammed to the rafters with! You don't hear Ferrari owners moaning because their knobs squeak a bit, do you? As soon as the ten I ordered arrive, I'll post a proper review up, probably typed on the device itself. Good on you, all at RCL. What a winner! I'm really looking forward to the Vega QL+, surely the next logical development for these industrial titans! Where do I sign up!?

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