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is someone to do a BBC Micro reboot.

It should be done at Raspberry Pi 3 IMHO. Open, DIY project. No silly IGG scams anymore.

@Z80 vs 6502:

Z80@Amstrad != Z80@Speccy; Only few specific games could run faster / equivalent at Speccy, compared to C64 etc (6502/6510); e.g. those based on Freescape / 3D Construction Kit iirc.

Compare it to the Novagen's Encounter @ C64 or Atari 8-bit.

Uridium? Speccy does not have VIC-II (hardware scrolling, sprites etc). Impossible. Spectrum version has 20FPS compared to the 50Hz update of the original.

However, isometric games @Speccy becomes that nice touch / genre, those 2,5 D graphics looks nicer and plays smoother (then at C64), although technically inferior.

BUT: Z80 version at Amstrad (Schneider) is totally different story. It is just faster/stronger machine.

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