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You've only got yourselves to blame.....

IMHO those left out of pocket only have themselves to blame. 1980's computers were crap and by modern standards are really crap - why would you invest to buy one of these things when you can emulate it on a standard PC (for very little/no money) to satisfy your nostalgia?

Incidentally, if you look at how Sinclair originally operated, this very much fits the MO - shoddy products, rushed out of the door to either meet artificail deadlines or to stave off moves by investors/share-holders to shut them down. My favourite indicattion of build quality was the company recommendation to use Blu-Tack to fix the wobble in the RAM expansion unit. It shows how poorly engineered the products were. How they sold millions of units is beyond me! The BBC film "Micro Men" tells the story quite well.

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