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"the American Trans-Pacific trade agreemnt was offering the southeast Asian countries".. much the same, only on much worse terms.

There, FTFY.

China's flexing its muscles and stepping back up to the plate as a major power - something that it's been absent from over the last 300 years due to colonialism, civil wars and the rise in sea trade overtaking the importance of the Silk Route.

Unlike other countries I could mention it's managing its economic expansion and growth in international trade WITHOUT planting its gunboats in other countries' harbours and threatening to blow the local government sky high(**) unless the people on the pointy end of the barrels decided to trade on the terms of the people with the matches.

(**) Some didn't even bother with the threats and just blew african coastal civilizations to bits without any warning, then called them primitive barbarians deserving to be conquered and enslaved.

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