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@Voyna i Mor

As somebody who visits there quite regularly (I have family who migrated there, from the UK, I like to add), In many ways I'd agree. I'm not talking about the communist-crush-rebellion from yester-year, but their present doctrine has delivered a lot of stability and prosperity.

As for those who would call China repressive, I'd say, first go and experience it yourself, stop listening to the press who themselves are using 3rd-hand information. Second, the UK establishment is worse in many respects, they're lying, cheating, who also block content..

Then we have the brexit camp, which seems to have all these traits as super-powers, who are also brainwashing people with xenophobia. As is perfectly timed for this article - My wife was watching Come Dine With Me on Friday (recorded from couple of weeks ago), which had a immigrant Indian woman, who said she voted Brexit, because she hates Immigrants and they're stealing all jobs!! Just wow...

Anyway, that's my Sunday morning politiks dealt with, now I need coffee

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