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Working for a totally unrelated kind of business, back in the early '90s the owner decided to become an ISP as well. Note "as well." As part of the process, the busness moved to a somewhat larger space, and I and my partner were tasked with wiring the office's network. It was coaxial, hand pulled, with BNC connectors, and never forget the terminator. Anyway, we got the network running. Then things like printers and other computers were connected, and finally, we got a genuine CAT5 system and an honest to whatever, would-be BOFH (he had delusions of grandeur, we knew the wiring - rubs hands together). Anyway, between our real jobs, we also pulled "support" duty. In particular, we had an office manager - an extreme fundamentalist, who at one point did not report to work because she and her husband and fellow certifiables were on a hill top waiting for God - who never got the appointment note.

She would settle into he desk, and start work. Sooner or later we would hear a shriek of rage and a yell for help. Her system (no one else's) had frozen, crashed, would not respond to commands ... One of us would walk in, ask her to move out of her chair, take her place, and her computer would behave sweetly. We would then ask, "what is the trouble?" She would explain that it would not print, would not ... Which we would then do and it would be fine. All we could tell her was "you can't get impatient with the electrons or they'll go one strike." The problems persisted through rewirings and different systems and new printers. The only diagnosis we could ever come up with is that electronics didn't like her.

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