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Re: what the fuck does PC LOAD LETTER mean?

PC LOAD LETTER means you sent it a US Letter job,

Which is understandable. The default paper size for _every_ variant of Engliish (not just US and Filipino) in Postscript AND PCL is US Letter.

It's A4 for every other language - which is annoying for US Spanish speakers, Tagalog users and Puerto Ricans.

It's bad enough that I wrote a wee sed filter for CUPS and tucked it away inside tea4cups that exists simply and soley to convert "JobPageSize: Letter" to "JobPageSize: A4"

The fact that I edited the CUPS ppds to remove letter/legal/executive is a mere bagatelle, half the lusers don't use those PPDs.

Oh, and make sure they DON'T have direct access to the printers or they'll fuck up your careful fixes.

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