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"If you think that the printer connected to your PC/Laptop/etc. is evil just wait until you encounter the hell of networked printers situated randomly in a multi-storey building."

We once did a new PC deployment for a charity with offices all over the country. This was about 10 years ago so in the days when much of the configuration was still done at the desk and not automatically done over the network from machine name/ID. Part of the config was to set the default and other local network printers.

Imagine my surprise on day one and finding something in the order of 400 printers in the printer discovery list scattered all over the UK. At least they were named by town/office + room.

We also discovered on our first visit to one of the more remote locations, that setting all the PCs up first then telling 5 or more users to all log in and check their email works could bring the slow and crappy ADSL that barely managed dial-ip speeds down to it knees and was a really, really bad idea when all the PCs tried to synchronise the Outlook PST files for the first time and download many MB of emails and attachments.

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