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Quite the opposite of being kind..

Not my boss, but this aricle did remind me of a time when I was a student, back in ... errr 1989ish.

I was in one of the computer rooms, and they had recently had a whole bunch of DECstations installed (lovely bit of kit, monitor the size of a planet)

I remember all sorts of warnings placed over the power switches and power points - people kept on switching the things off, despite the fact the machines were all part of the main vax cluster, and users were just users, so there was no proper shutdown invoked... but I digress.

Anyway, there was a girl in there who was reading some large document on the screen, and the screen-hibernate screensaver kicked on, and she asked for help, saying "I hadn't pressed any key or anything for ages then the whole thing just broke".

Realising what had happened, I walked over to it, and threatened the monitor, telling it that I was sick of it acting up, and that it better start working now, or there would be hell to pay etc. Of course, nothing happened so I ranted some more, and said "I give you 3 seconds..." (at this point the girl was looking at me like I was a nutter).. "THREE.... TWO.... ONE" . On "ONE" I thumped the table, right next to the mouse (which she hadn't been using) causing it to move just enough to trigger the screen powering back on.

"See? You just have to tell it who's boss" I said, as I walked away. I really hoped it would happen again, and she'd end up shouting at the monitor itself - alas it didn't, presumably she'd finished her reading and was now using the keyboard.

Yes, I was an annoying troll type of person back then too!

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