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"Finally, African-American is a label people choose to apply to themselves. If they do so, one should respect that choice."

Except that the term is inherently racist. It is usually used to refer to someone whose ancestors ot the extent they are known came to america 6 or 7 generations ago. When someones entire family have lived within america for 6 generations or more how can they be described as anything but american? Black american would make some sort of sense in describing their skin pigmentation and nationality. African american only makes sense for someone who moved to america from africa or whose parent's did so and it says nothing at all about the colour of the person concerned. That idea that black americans are forever 'African Amercians' different from ordinary 'Americans' however many generations have lived in the US is about as racist a concept I can think of.

The expression 'people of colour' ridiculously long winded, clumsy and oxymoronic that it is has at least the merit of not being inherently racist.

I struggle with why black cannot be used if what is relaly menat is people with a dark skin.

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