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I once worked in a large office where the lights would go off if the movement sensors decided no-one was present, and on again once someone moved into range. Being the first in on most mornings I quickly learned where the boundaries were for the various lighting zones.

One day we were due to have a trainee start, and I found this kid waiting for me at Reception at 7.30am or whatever ungodly time it was (fair enough, better early than late). As I led him through the building I asked him about his (near total lack of) experience so I could work out where best to start him off. When I opened the door onto the darkened office I joked, "Anyway, technical knowledge isn't everything. Sometimes you just have to let the machines know who's boss", and as I walked across the first boundary I held both arms out wide and clicked my fingers (the lights came on), across the second boundary (click! - lights) and into the third zone (fiat lux!). I turned round and he was just standing there, gob wide open with eyes as large as saucers.

There are days when the universe realises it just owes you one.

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