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what the fuck does PC LOAD LETTER mean?

It amazes me that after 30 years or so of desktop publishing (remember that phrase?) printers cant just print - always bitching about what kind of paper you might want or size , rather than just taking a cue from WHAT KIND OF PAPER THEYVE BEEN GIVEN!!!

I know this wouldnt cover every scenario , but for every time you were making an A5 leaflet and the printer blasely assumed you wanted A4 like normal - you'd have avoided a 100 "what the fucks wrong now?" moments.

We are nowhere this stage yet - yesterday for instance I sent an A4 print to our giant centralised copier scanner printer , logged into it - nothing happens , a tiny orange blinking light is telling me there is some haggling to do to berate the fucking thing into making an effort.

Turns out it has 4 drawers all set to A4.

Three of them are full of A4 paper .

one is empty.

The printer thinks that is a reason to down tools.

If thats the pinnacle of printing AI , were never going to get it right before paper is obsolete.

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