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Hahah, yeah,... one park I walk my dogs at has signs all over it saying the use of motor bikes etc is prohibited (the scrotes vandalise the place, tearing off gates so they can get their bikes in, but that puts the deer there at risk if they get out,... plus it's not far from a busy 'A' road, so we don't want deer on the road.), so a couple of months ago I hear them tearing it up, see them, report them to 101, and got the distinct feeling I was being told 'yes dear', and that absolutely nothing was going to happen. Maybe a PCSO would swerve by if they were passing in a couple of weeks, that level of response. Thing is, the scrotes are often on stolen bikes, so if the Police responded, they might reunite the owner with their bike, rather than a smoldering pile of molten aluminium and plastic.

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