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"It doesn't really reveal that much about your network"

This is correct, if the network is properly configured. But it's not quite as true otherwise. The sparseness of IPv6 doesn't make my network hard to find. All it takes is for something in my network to talk to something over the internet, and the address space is seriously narrowed down.

"And it only does that much to people in a position to sniff your traffic"

You say that as if being in a position to sniff my (or anybody's) traffic is rare, but I contend that it's not rare at all.

"only if you actively allow your devices to talk to the internet, which you don't have to do."

True, whether IPv6 or IPv4, if nothing in my network talks to the internet, the security issue is much easier to handle.

"you can't really count those as a disadvantage for v6 when v4 shares the same issues."

I don't think that IPv4 shares the same issues that I brought up.

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