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The sole aim of Greed is to Limit Its Own Fear - and vice versa.

The Economies of Scale [TEoS], aka The Limitations Within Democracy, have only one aim and that is to “limit”/integrate/”balance” Greed/Futurism/”Masculinity” with Its Own Fear/Past/”Femininity” But NOT when Monopoly/Sell-Sell-Sell has Its Way. You know, when The Wh*** Sister of The Bookie, is slithering Her way towards Addicting The Vast Majority into Buy-Buy-Buy. Yes, Sweets, joining-in The Nay” Chorus might be “popular” [especially when “The Cameras” are Looking-On] but NOT when Addiction is when The Ability to See is not matched by The Ability to Deny. In other words, try as one might but The Addicted is unable to deny The Charms of Its Addiction.

A “Glut” might be good for The Consumer by way of lowering prices, but NOT when ALL Higher-than-Thee prices ever do is to liberate Greed. When Fear is the means which TEoS is forced to limit Greed. More so when Da Governmented needs the “Income” to fund This, That, & The-Other and only A Fool will be honest about anything. The reason why, for example, the first duty of any “solicitor” is to plead “Not Guilty, M’Lud" – unless there is truly no way out of The Mess.

Every established “Taxman” knows that should The Populace have-honesty-at-heart, you know, when share-&-share-alike is the reality, taxes could then belowered for the sake of honesty. But NOT when, “Eyes-Gottas-Lives-Gov”/Selfishness-is-Running-Amok. When Selfishness replaces Sincerity as The Rationale for Existing, the honest ones are [seemingly] “Real Patsies”. NOT when ALL “Born” has to, somehow but don’t know how, “Die” with The Regret being when there is, “Life After Death”. You know, when The Dancing begins “After Death”. If true, it is, perhaps, better to Dance Now instead of merely learning How To Dance for Later.

A Number Oner, aka The Nazi, is the one who subscribes-to The New Sporting Event called “Prnongraphy” because it facilitates The Lacking of Chastity by favouring Filth. No wonder The Newly Westernised, aka The-Trinkleting-Lot, are so eagar to participate in “Established Events”. Mostly because that ought to exclude those who value Chastity beyond Filth, which The Blind-Blinded assume is, somehow but don’t know how, due to their Number Oneness. NOT when Absolute Knowledge exist as The-Present whereas mere Human/”Thoughtful” Knowledge is The-Layer called The Past-Future used for Deluding-Illuding The Brain. You know, when The-Past-Future/”Malevolence”/Relativity is used for replacing The-Present/”Benevolence”/Reality.

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