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Monopoly Play ........ Universal Edition with ExtraTerrestrial Pathways/AIPortals

Obviously axing the affiliate program will help Apple hit the 1 trillion dollar mark .... adam payne

I'm more for wondering what they can now purchase with their streams of flash cash. Ideally, nowadays via these humble means and effective memes, a Must Have Perfect Reality Program BetaTesting Core Apple Product for Future Presentation, will have them surely Create a Virtual Monopoly in the Pre-Processing of Resultant Subsequent Programming. ...... for a Clear Lead which Feeds into Everybody's Devices so Coming NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Futures are not an Overwhelming Surprise but rather the Master Application they've been Enthusiastically Waiting For ......... and Fully Expecting of Prime Delivery, whether without or with and within AI, of a Practical Virtually Immaculate Supply.

Does Apple HQ Do Monopoly Play .... Universal Edition? Or is that an Uncle Sam Military Plot/Plan for Apple to Present and Realise .... Both Virtually and Really. Are there No Astutely Brilliant and Fully Virtually ACTive Actors in House and Home Grown [which would be nice to know] or are such Trials and Trails Contracted in from Special Forces Sources with Nothing More Need be Known on Surely Understandably So, MkUltra Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information.

:-) And do you know what that can easily cause to be true, rather than hover and fly as a fiction? Total Mayhem and Madness and Systems Meltdowns in the Command and Control of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems, which is a Prime Future Premium Option Readily Available to Beleagured Forces and Bewildered Sources too.

Such Easily Allows for Supply of Future AIdDevelopments to Current Establishment Leading Great Games Players.

What's not to like with those sweet and sour apples, Apple? Wanna go Cooking and Frying Chips with

New Stellar Content ....... with Advanced and Alienating Codex to XSSXXXX Providing Safe and Sound CyberIntelAIgent Security with Stirling Sterling Protection.

Methinks then, after announcing all, or even any of all of that is being ACTively Reviewed for Preview, which is Quite An Innocuous Few Words, would a trillion dollar valuation be trifling. Even doubling or squaring that result would be miserly, methinks.

So quite a lot rides upon that COSMIC AIMission, Apple HQ. And it is not as if you don't have Ably ACTivating and Attractive Captivating Competitors Experimenting in the Field with Fab Fielded Players.

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