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I work for schools, and have for 20 years, with Mac suites, hundreds of individual pupil /staff iPads, staff iPhones, etc.

We've revoked all those devices / decisions because of the way Apple handle our business (support, complaints, legal obligations - GDPR, complaints process, acknowledging recorded-delivery letters sent to their head offices, all sorts) . They have literally ZERO interest in supporting hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Apple devices.

And though the above poster's "easy replacement" may be nice for him, you're paying through the nose for that service on the product price, with no advantage over other types of devices. Literally, for the price of a suite of Macs and appropriate service, I can get two or more suites of PCs with the same. And when they fail, I can generally fix them for minimal cost even outside of the support contract.

I've also got any number of tales of people who take their stuff back to the Apple store only to not have them be as helpful because "they didn't pay for Apple Care" (even to the point that Apple tried to wheedle their way out of providing statutory EU warranty cover if people hadn't paid for Apple Care).

If you think I'm just throwing arguments out there without them being based on real-life events, you're mistaken. Hey... find me an Apple GDPR-compliance statement that I could use in a court of law to prove I only gave my data to GDPR-compliant organisations. You won't find one, like you wouldn't find DPA-compliance statements (which Google, Microsoft, etc. all do). Sure, you see a lot on there - news stories, "GDPR" download-your-data etc. functionality, "promises" to fulfill it, "as part of our GDPR work" but what you can't get is "Are you GDPR-compliant?" in writing. Until April, their data protection statements literally carried wording to the effect "We could store your data anywhere, at any time, as necessary". That's NEVER been legal under DPA.

(There's a reason they can't do GDPR too - iCloud is nothing more than MS Azure and Amazon instances spread all over the globe, and there are Reg articles about just that).

Your golden-boy, wonder-child device is from a company that you should never do business with because despite being "the biggest" they can't do things like reply to serious legal concerns, provide a GDPR compliance statement, or provide a modicum of support to huge customers.

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