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"Eye halve a spelling chequer [...]"

Living in a small village near Stockholm was a good place to learn Swedish - which I did mostly by reading Asterix the Gaul. That gave me a fairly good grasp of everyday usage - but did little for my pronunciation.

One day I went into the bakery shop and used my new skills to ask for my favourite cake - a long pastry crusted with nuts. "En av den där nötter kakor, tack". (one of those nut cakes please).

I knew that "den" was locally pronounced as "dom" - but wasn't sure about "av" so tried my best guess.

She picked the cake up - good - and then started to cut it in half!

My mistake was to pronounce "av" sounding like "halv" (=half) - rather than the same sound as the English "of". Presumably there was a prior context for customers only wanting a half of that cake.

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