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Apple takes an axe to its App Affiliate Program

Lee D Silver badge

Never do business with Apple. They honestly don't care about you, from tiniest old granny through to hugest corporation.

Not just in a "heartless businessman" way, they will just screw you over when they see fit as they have "no need" for you as they demonstrate here.

It's one of the many reasons I don't deal with them any more (yes, I have hundreds of Apple devices, no, I've never once got a satisfactory answer from Apple, and most of the time they just have nobody capable of dealing with my queries at all).

As far as they are concerned, they toss a product at you and they're done. That's it.

I honestly find nothing redeeming in their designer "design" (i.e. looks pretty, works badly in practice), their product range, their services, their customer service, their business handling, their internal processes (e.g. taxation, staffing, etc.) or anything else. It's always been the same.

Literally, my policy as an IT guy for personal support (and lately, business, because they have no idea how to do business so lost us as a customer): Apple? You're on your own, mate, sorry. Take it back to your Apple geniuses who you're paying to fix all that stuff.

It's like asking my mechanic dad to repair a Tesla.

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