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IPv6 supports everything IPv4 does. There's no need to make adopting it unnecessarily difficult by demanding people study long sysadmin courses just to set up their home network.

There, you just did it again. Please stop putting words into people's mouths. Nowhere did I say that home users will have to do this; the router folks can and should do it by default. It's utterly trivial for a consumer router to know which interface is the LAN and which is the WAN and construct the firewall with or without NAT to a safe default. Of course, they probably won't given the historical state of uPNP, WPS and so on being similar in quality and thought for the end user as a British Leyland car built in the 70s but that's not my problem unless and until I get a job at Draytek et al.

We, the El Reg commentards, are not consumers. If you want a discussion on consumer broadband, head on over to ThinkBroadband or Kitz where you will find untold thousands of like-minded users. The article addresses, therefore the comments are about, proper networking rather than consumer "hit generic chipset with a lump hammer until it sort of works, apply logo to /fs-overlay/var/www/images and ship" routers.

For the avoidance of doubt, nobody was or is saying that v6 doesn't support NAT, that NAT should be ditched on consumer networks or that it'll require at least a CCNA to set up v6 in the home.

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