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Not all machine translation is Google machine translation

compared to human translators, machines have almost zero common sense.

Broadly true, but since "common sense" doesn't have any clear technical meaning, or even a clear common meaning, this isn't a useful observation.

They don’t understand language in the same way that humans do,

Possibly true, but since we don't know very much1 about how humans understand language, this is neither certain nor particularly useful.

and have no knowledge of the world

There are ML translation systems with quite complex world models. Google threw its efforts behind deep LSTM networks trained by unsupervised learning on large corpora of parallel documents, but that is far from the only approach that has ever been tried.

There are also translation systems which do not use a bag-of-sentences approach, and so on. Critiques of Google's approach do not apply across the board.

1That is, while in an absolute sense we know quite a lot about the subject, in a relative one - compared to how much there appears to be to know - we're still at a very early stage.

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