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"The Scandinavians are, and think they are, social democrats.

The idea that they are socialists is a lie made by socialists to make socialism seem like something other than an economic suicide pact."


Bernis Sanders thinks they are socialists and doesn't he know more about politics and,well, socialism than you do? He said:

“In terms of socialism, I think there is a lot to be learned from Scandinavia and from some of the work, very good work that people have done in Europe. In countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, poverty has almost been eliminated. All people have health care as a right of citizenship. College education is available to all people, regardless of income, virtually free. I have been very aggressive in trying to move to sustainable energy. They have a lot of political participation, high voter turnouts. I think there is a lot to be learned from countries that have created more egalitarian societies than has the United States of America.” (Interview Democracy Now , November 2006)

Aren't you trying to feed me "Fake News" about the Nordic region...?


What "socialism "is is subject to a great deal of personal interpretation, as are the assesment criteria over whether a particular area is "socialist" What you mean is that In Your Opinion "Socialism" as you understand it is a misguided and pernicious system that increases human misery. I happen to agree with that opinion but it is not an inarguable precept.

Unfortunately "fake News" boils down to "we want to suppress opinions we disagree with" or for political parties and media orgs "we want to limit information and opinion access to only those sources we control".

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