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a syntax aimed at solving complex analytical problems

I know that these days "solving complex analytical problems" means actually managing to get a meaningful SQL statement together....

Isn't F# just a bit like Haskell, with Microsoftian flavor, i.e. the main feature of it is being strongly typed functional (an idea with us since the 70s, rememberember?)

From Let’s be mainstream! User focused design in Elm (Transcription of a talk by Evan Czaplicki)

The problem with that is that in 1973, ML was introduced. This is one year after C. C was 1972. For some reason, that didn’t work out. Something mysterious happened. So we had another chance in 1990. Standard ML came out. This was actually five years before Java. Java is 1995. We could have gone that route, but for some reason it didn’t happen. In 1996, we had OCaml. This is one year after Java. It has objects. It’s got it all. What’s the problem?

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