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They stopped being "neutral" once they implemented algorithms which would supposedly present me with the news I am interested in

Come off it, they never were neutral. Given the vast amount of cack being posted to social media (even at the start), no individual would have been able to have dealt with anything other than a trivially tiny subset, and I'd suggest that any reasonable person would realise that. And social media and search has never been about manual editorial control, so it was obvious then that anything served to a user was selected by an algo.

Nothing has changed other than that the optimisation has improved (to increase company revenues, that is), and third parties now seek to use social media to "place" stories or products, either through a commercial arrangement, or attempting to reverse engineer sufficient of the placement algo's logic. Hardly much different to how companies and influence-seekers interract with the old printed press.

So I suppose my response is Yes, social media are not neutral. What of it? Can you give me an example of a neutral, enduring, successful news or social media service, because I can't think of anything that qualifies.

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