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UK 'fake news' inquiry calls for end to tech middleman excuses, election law overhaul


Clinton Win = Good democracy.

Trump Win = Must have been fraud - from RUSSIA!

Remain Win = Good Democracy

Leave Win = Must have been fraud - from RUSSIA!

And so on.

It runs the risk of people judging that 'fake news' is simply anything the cognoscenti of the current zeitgeist dislike or disagree with.

Also, I've never voted a certain way due to fake news. And neither has anyone I have discussed it with.

Ask a room full of people and they will tell you the same.

Ask a stadium full and again they will all say they haven't.

Yet look at the news and you'd be forgiven for thinking the winner of the election was merely at Russia's whim. I think the power of 'fake news' is massively overstated and being used for political purposes be people we should be very afraid of this.

Any censorship that comes from this is a massive step back, not forward.

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