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Sorry, Neil Armstrong. Boffins say you may not have been first life-form to set foot on the Moon


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You are a triumph of belief over science, and your emotions are showing.

The evidence clearly points to a sound stage on earth, have you tried actually looking at the NASA pictures??

There are AS15 or AS16 pictures with orange juice stains on the reticule of the camera that appears after they stop for a film change on the lunar surface. As their suits leaked orange juice I'd suggest that wearing one was roughly equivalent of not wearing one at all, even with the fictional cooling systems they had which clearly didn't stand a chance of working either.

You'll also notice that none of them ever jump properly high and they always waste 20 minutes winching the lunar rover down - which on the moon should only weigh < 40kg and is therefore an easy lift.

Then there's the cornering of the lunar rover - smooth tyres on dust (sand) with 1/6th the downforce on earth yet going around corners like it's on rails. Scientifically impossible - it would be like driving on ice.

Use your brain, not your emotion and belief.

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