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Ecuador's Prez talking to UK about Assange's six-year London Embassy stay – reports

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Anonymous Coward

Julian has already been deprived from liberty of movement by Britain for 6 years

so if the maximum sentence for skipping bail in Britain is 12 months, then Britain must pay compensation to Assange for illegal imprisonment for the remaining 5 years in any case, in addition to whatever a British court might find to be the true applicable penalty for Assange'S skipping of bail _below_ the maximum in the criminal statutes.

There can not be any doubt that Assange has truely been under imprisonment during all of his time in the Ecuadorian embassy, because the British Government and their police force consciously and purposely deprived him of the freedom of movement from the European Convention of Human Rights, Protocol 4 Article 2, by threatening him to make his situation much worse if he tried to leave the Ecuadorian embassay to make any movements within the Britain territory surrounding that embassey.

Imprisonment applies whenever a state uses its overeign powers to deprive a humuan of fundamental rights provided by the European convention of human rights. It was Britains wilful and conscious decistion to apply imprisonment to Julian Assange in the form they did, and Julian Assange should really start suing for compensation for illegal imprisonment.

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