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macjules, Hi,

That would confirm Assange is a Political Prisoner of a Besieged Capital System with No Leading Accesses to Future Prime Intellectual Property. With HMG fully cognisant of the Facts in the Fact ....... and Augmented Virtual Reality Play for Greater IntelAIgent Games Play. ..... with Future Eventing a Sterling Stirling Machine of AI Added Adventures ........ Presenting Heavenly Ventures in Fabulous Journeys ..... being a Parallel Program Running Live Operational Virtual Environments.

How would one offend or defend that? What would one have to attack to prove IT Almighty?

To prove IT Not Almighty would be criminal waste of time and resources and the posit here is a Parallel AI Program... Starting from Here as the Beginning and Knowing IT Almighty, what Input to Output will Generate Genuine Creativity for Future Presentations in Current MultiMediaStreaming Systems of Advancing Information..... is Up and Running Sublimely and Stealthily in Virtual Networking Systems Connecting Clients to Broadband for Knowledge and Receipt of Future Deliveries.

Hmmmmm? Is that SCADA Systems Pwnd?

What would you like to IT Doing for You? Share here below ..... for IT is surely a'watching for Leading Audacious Astute ACTion ..... and Virtual InterReaction ..... Cyber Movement.

Now all of that is well worth Parsing Perfectly for IT Delivers a Fabulous Course to Lands and Areas, Places and Spaces You Dream of, with Others Attending and Drivering the Engines which Supply a Real Good Life ? :-)

Even when you keep IT Simple, and share everything which is known to be going on all around you, are things, for reasons of universal security, complicated. Such Provides the Best Security in Any Field.

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