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It will all turn out like insurance comparison or energy switching sites. It will look nice and unbiased, but actually the recommended treatment will depend on which firm is paying the highest commission. Just remember to get your doctor to click through to the 'show all diagnoses' button and watch out for small print.

I still like the story of the AI chest x-ray analysis software that they thought was doing really well at classifying X-rays of fluid on the lung - till it turned out what it was good at doing was spotting chest drains that doctor's insert when their old fashioned stethoscope detects fluid on the lung, before they send the patient to X-ray. And that was just the start of dealing with 'real world' data - things like the X-ray having a note 'no sign of problem B ' on an x-ray with clear signs of problem A - because it's actually a follow up to an earlier X-ray that diagnosed problem A. Now this sort of detail can be captured and tracked .- but in the real world? No chance.

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