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Re: definition of "rape" in this case is a broken condom

Assange is a C**K and unforgivably through his friends and supporters under the bus by skipping bail and costing them a lot of money while losing any credibility he had.

The rape charges were however deeply concerning and ridiculous.

One related to a condom either broken or deliberately damaged depending in what you believe. The suggestion is that because consent was given on teh basis of a condom being used then when it was damaged consent was withdrawn but this is clealry not how sex works. It is not what is agreed at the beginning holds all the way through but either party can at any time withdraw consent. In this case she didn't and says she didn't. If this was rape then every women who has sex claiming to be on boirth control while not has committed sexual assault and that is a Pandora's box that no one wants to open.

The second relates ot having sex with a women who was asleep but the women concerned had consented to have sex with him earlier that night and they had slept together following that. It is reasonable unde rthese circumstances to regard it as one sexual encounter and that consent continued. As mentioned above either party can withdraw consent at any time and she didn't.

Assange was unprincipled and dishonest and stupid in skipping bail. He lost all credibility and was revealed as untrustworthy. He will at some point be jailed for that never mind whatever else happens and rightly so.

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