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It's almost as though they've been a front for Russian intelligence for a very long time.

That's where wikileaks (and the media) messed up. By becoming political and advancing an agenda, they went from being an embarrassment to more of a threat. So Clinton blaming them for losing her the election, along with everyone else.. Not that the US electorate disliked her and were perhaps forced to pick the lesser evil. Assange's selective drip feed of the emails during the election campaign made him an enemy of the US liberals/democrats who may previously have supported him & wikileaks.

But there's very little evidence of Russian state involvement, despite the DNC's claims. There's growing evidence that the FBI didn't look very closely at the whole email saga, and that it may have been an inside job. And the Clintons/DNC destroying potential evidence is also rather curious. But then so is the strange case of the Awans, Pakistani IT consultants who seemed to have free reign and admin control over many Democrat's IT systems.

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