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@AC "(i.e. all written procedures and no chance for them to actually use their brains)."

I saw exactly that, we trained our guys in Bangalore to follow the script, procedures drummed into them,... except of course the script could never accommodate all eventualities, so when they ran out of options, they just gave up. It didn't help with the security and compliance work, the policy was created in the USA, the parts that could be automated scripted into TSCM in the UK, and then the 'Gap Check' document, that detailed parts that could not be automated (creating a list of checks we had to perform manually on each server), created in Poland. By someone who wasn't that technical, reading a technical document, not written in their first language. So we got such howlers as statements which provided context to the questions in the section, being turned into questions themselves. So howlers like 'The following section only applies to servers which do not come under <insert name of regulation, like FDA, etc> regulation' having 'is this the case?' added, and being added to the manual checklist. Our offshore counterparts would earnestly try to answer these howlers, instead of engaging with the security team, and pointing out the questions were idiotic, and weren't really questions in the first place.

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