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Google translate is still a great source of amusement! Insert something from classic Finnish literature, translate to English, and the result is invariably surreal: "Their father, who was a severely eager forearm, met at his best age when he was suddenly killed when he fought with the tiny bear. Both then, Kontio of the woods as a man, were found dead, one by the other, landing in a bloody tanter. The wound was wounded with wounds, but both the throat and the side of the beast were seen by the knife cut off and his chest pierced by a rifle perched on a rifle. So stopped a rotting man who had dropped more than fifty bears."

> But now, most other language sites are actually better imho!

The Bing translation of the same passage makes slightly more sense, but not much: "Their father, who was a fierce avid forest man, faced his best-hearted death when he was fighting with a sudden bear. Both at the time, both in the forest of the Sam and in the man, were found dead, one after another, with the blood on a bloody tanker. The man was badly wounded, but Pedonkin both throat and flank were spotted with a knife and his breasts pierced by the rifle's Tuiman. So ended the day with a stalwart man who had poured more than fifty bears."

Well, at least it does not translate a fierce bear into a tiny bear, like Google. "Forest man" is also a bit better translation for "metsämies" ("hunter") than "forearm" (How on Earth did Google come up with that?). Finally, here is a quick human translation, by me. Not likely to win any literary awards, but at least it means pretty much the same as the original: "Their father, who was an eager hunter, met with sudden death in his prime, when fighting a fierce bear. Both, the bear of the woods and the man, were found dead, lying side by side on the blood-stained ground. Badly was the man mauled, but also the throat and the side of the beast were seen sliced by a knife, and its chest was pierced by the powerful bullet of the rifle. So ended his days a strong man, who had felled more than fifty bears".

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