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IC community haters

So he's a slimeball, I get it.

No one ever has credibly accused anything he's gotten released is false.


You release stuff when it's topical. If telling the truth influences things, I think that's the entire point - either way. If no effect, you might was well be the mainstream media who almost no one with IQ above room temperature believes anymore - they're not even careful with their lies. You think the leakers that are pro-war-party neocons don't time their stuff?

Plenty people hate him for pissing in their cornflakes, though. You know, the ones who DO the atrocities, commit the crimes, plant media lies about them, and hate being exposed when they're supposed to be protecting us - taking our money to do so.

Just the level of utter unreasoning bitterness about the guy tells me the type who wants him imprisoned. Do you really want to be on the same side as that type?

I've held clearances and know more than a little about what goes on in the IC. But since my bread isn't buttered there...I can afford to step back and see a more clear picture.

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