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Yes, Assange is a bit of a cock, but let's not forget that all he did was expose some pretty blatant atrocities. Save your hostility for that.

Sadly, you link the example where Asssange went from being a simple leaker of inconvenient truths to a propaganda outlet, and in doing so lost my sympathy. If Assange had simply leaked the guncam footage, that would've allowed people to discuss it and draw their own conclusions. Instead, it was edited into the 'Collateral Murder' video rather than simply showing what can happen in the fog of war.

Hindsight and an editorial stance allowed the camera crew to be helpfully highlighted, and perhaps draw attention away from the other men carrying AKs and RPGs walking in the same direction. Then when a person crouched and peered around a corner with something round on their shoulder pointing at the helicopter, the rest became history. Or one version of it. The weapons seen earlier in the video were nowhere to be found.

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