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Don't worry IBM!

The British government are a bunch of technically illiterate patsies with a pathetically touching belief in the infallibility of technology to cut costs and improve outcomes. Because the Department of Health is clueless in all matters relating to health (clinical, ITSec, privacy, cost etc), this makes for the perfect setting to sell your hugely expensive, ineffective and dangerous system. And for training data, they'll just gift you the entire data set of the NHS without any checks, balances, or patient permissions.

So, wipe away the tears, and bring your Watson PieceOfShit (tm) to the UK. Some gormless minister will sign up straight away. Obviously these systems don't just happen, and you'll need an implementation partner who doesn't care if the system doesn't work so long as it ticks the boxes on the SLA. And they need to have no conscience that it costs a fortune for the client. I think Crapita plc will fit the bill.

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