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Always have a "backup" plan...

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A startup-ish organisation I worked for was acquired by a US outfit that none of us wanted to work for, so we all quit. The value of the organisation was mostly in the people, so we were offered a years salary as a bonus if we stayed for a year to help the new gig understand and port code from our system to their system. We stalled for months, had to be trained in the new system several times, and rebuild the old system several times, usual developer bs that the pointy haired boss would believe. Well the code got ported alright.. to our super secret highly secure datacentre (someone's garage). We didn't get our bonuses, until pointing out that there was no code and there wouldn't be until our bonuses were paid. Yay bonus! (A bit more convoluted and more HR and corporate pressure but we got what we were promised and they got what they were promised, just a massive waste of everyone's time as usual).

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